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A 31-Day Journey of Creative Inspiration

Well you guys, I’ll be honest, October 1st creeped right up on me despite the fact that I’ve been emailing and networking galore over the past month to collect my very personal, but undoubtedly universal list of books, websites, and individuals, that inspire me, and hopefully will influence you, as well.

My final list isn’t set in stone, in fact, if you have something to contribute, please by all means, share.

I have so much I’m looking forward to sharing over the next few weeks. My 10 Books, 10 Websites, and 10 People start tomorrow, but since I have one extra day, I thought I would share some reflection on the past month, as I prepared for this challenge.

First, my mission to hold interviews with some of the most renowned designers in the world, were accepted and I was absolutely shocked. I never in a million years, expected Milton Glaser, or Seth Godin, to take time to speak to me. I was humbled, and it made me have an appreciation for the truly good people left in the world, that want creativity to go viral, that want young designers to find their passion, and that are willing to share what it took them years to learn.

Second, I was fairly disappointed in some of the responses to my interview requests. Not because people declined; I was fully prepared for rejection with each time I hit ‘Send.’ But, if I had to make a hypothesis early on, I would have guessed that ‘bigger names’ would not respond, while people who were lesser known, would appreciate the opportunity to get their name out. It was, in fact, quite the opposite. I found that the newly successful lacked humility, while the experienced disregarded that my blog is not the most famous, with potential for their words to reach millions, but rather, they were just kind enough to be inclined that it would only take a bit of their time, and they would make one blogger/designer/marketing maven, myself, ecstatic.

So thank you, to all who participated. Your words were wise, and will be taken to heart.

To my readers, the fact that some of these people even responded, made me speechless. What it taught me is that I need to recognize situations where I have nothing to lose, and take the leap. It may work in my favor, it may not, but at the end of the day, the results can leave me right where I’m at, or even better, a few steps forward. I think this can be applied to most things in life, and especially creativity. Take chances, don’t look back, you have nothing to lose.


With that, I’m going to share a few brief quotes from the upcoming interviews that you can look forward to reading more on:

On the creative process:

“Start over whenever you have a better idea – no matter how late in the process it comes to you…”
Andrew Byrom

On influencing people:

I think it matters more that the people I’m teaching today will be doing relevant things in ten years. It scales better that way.”

Seth Godin

Day 1: The Journey Begins with This Post

Day 2: Phenomenal Coffee Talk

Day 3: Interview with Chris Spooner, Line25 & SpoonGraphics

Day 4: Creative Hodgepodge: ItsNiceThat

Day 5: Creative Inspiration Day 5: Fashionable Selby

Day 6: Seth Godin on Creativity and {not} Staying Current

Day 7: GO Read Chip Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design

Day 8: First World Problems: Pandora Burnout

Day 9: Taking Type Off the Page: Andrew Byrom

Day 10: Inside the Mind of David Airey

Day 11: Strange Addictions:

Day 12: Designing Brand Identity

Day 13: Comedian Meets Creative Director: Jeff Greenspan

Day 14: Inspired by Supal: Chevrons & Eclairs


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    October 2, 2014

    I’m looking forward to following you and reading your interviews! Ages ago before I even thought I could (or would) write a novel (or two!) I wrote a letter to my absolute favorite author ~ M.M. Kaye ~ whose words in The Far Pavilions inspired me to write how I saw things … to let my words create a visual image. I was surprised when she wrote back, not once but three times, before she passed away. Her encouragement and words are a treasure.

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