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So I saved my pennies and bought this fancy Macbook Pro with a retina display. Exciting right? So after doing a few design projects, I found that Acrobat Pro (part of Adobe Creative Cloud) was previewing terribly pixelated. I sent the files to my husband’s Macbook Air and the files looked flawless. So I reached out to Apple Care, and after having me reset my PRAM and check some application settings, they said nothing could be done. It’s a third party software and they can’t control if company’s would support a retina display. Totally understandable BUT, the rest of my Creative Cloud apps looked crystal clear, and Acrobat is such a basic, fundamental program for anyone, (especially designers) that I had a hard time accepting the answer.

Here’s a close-up of what I was dealing with.  “Is Obamacare giving you a headache?” … “No, these enormous pixels are giving me a headache.”BlurryCloseup

The Apple “genius” actually ended the conversation with “Are you feeling comfortable with the answers you’ve received today?”

Literally my response was: “Actually no, I purchased a top of the line computer to do graphic design and I can’t even see if my files are print-ready. Come to find out, apparently had I bought a Macbook Air for hundreds of dollars less, I would be able to preview my files accurately.” Yes, I get the whole hardware difference between the Pro and Air, but that wasn’t my point. I was angry, to say the least.

So, I took the issue to my’ faithful friend Google. And the answer was simple, how glad I was that I didn’t give up.

Here's how to fix blurry Acrobat Pro:

Apparently, while Creative Cloud automatically updates my Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, almost every time I open them, for some reason it wasn’t automatically updating Acrobat. So simple, I can’t believe I even wasted time on Apple Chat and laid into that poor genius.

Just open Acrobat, click Help > Check for Updates. I was a few versions behind. Once it updated, voila! Crystal clear and my sanity back.

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  • Robyn says:

    Glad it worked for you. I’m having the same problem. I tried what worked for you and it didn’t work for me. My files are up to date and pdf’s still look really crappy.

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