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Strange Addictions:

I’m bracing myself for the fact that someone, somewhere, will find it disdainful that this website is in my 31 days of Creative Inspiration. But I stand by it, as sometimes, during a creative block, I just need to clear the palette, zone out in the company of mind-numbing articles, and feel intrigued, and entertained. And in my defense, a large majority of the articles found at are related to creativity, from an artist’s experiment reforming classic green toy soldiers into yoga poses, to the worst packaging fails of all time.

And then, there are articles on a family who lived with a lion, and a gallery of photos of wild animals in urban settings… totally off base yet just as addicting. They may just have me on a ball and chain because I’m an animal lover and it seems to be a common theme.

There is no search bar. Simply buttons for upvotes and downvotes, and vague divisions of “Popular,” “Trending,” and “Latest”… if you click the hamburger menu icon {PS: Whoever named Hamburger Menu Icon deserves an award} you’ll find categories, from Food Art to Funny, Street Art to Sculpting. But I encourage you to stick with the primary three.

I wish I had more to say about BoredPanda, but it really speaks for itself. It’s eccentricities are charming and I’m convinced it would appeal to literally everyone. If you’re not instantly a fan, you should bury yourself in a cave. With no animals, because you clearly don’t like animals.

Plus, their geometric panda logo is amazing. So there’s that.

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