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Chris Spooner: Line25 & SpoonGraphics

Today, for my latest entry in 31 days of Creative Inspiration, I interviewed Chris Spooner, a designer, gamer and blogger out of the UK, behind some of the websites I tend to hit frequently for inspiration, including Line25 and SpoonGraphics. Line25 is a great spot to bookmark for web designers, with weekly picks of top designed sites that usually boast impressive parallax designs and full-width image layouts. SpoonGraphics is an awesome resource for designers and bloggers alike, whether you’re just learning to tinker around in Photoshop or you need to collect some vectors to knock out a project, it’s one of the first places on the web you should check.

On a side note, Chris is remarkably generous in providing us with his free downloads, they’re not easy or quick to create. And oh yeah, and Chris also has a successful Youtube Channel about gaming, which I know nothing about, but shouldn’t go unmentioned!

Chris is a great example of turning the things you love into a financially stable and sustainable career, something many of us are trying to do. He encourages us to take the leap, despite our fears. We hope you enjoy Day 3 of #write31days. Feel free to leave comments below for myself or Chris, as I will certainly direct your thoughts to him, personally!

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