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DIY Standing Desk Ikea Hack $40

With all the articles circulating the web on benefits of standing desks, and 2015 resolutions with an eye for health, I thought it was about time I made an adjustment to my personal workspace. I’m not entirely convinced by every article of benefits, and obviously the theory has its naysayers, but I’m certain it can’t hurt cut down the hours I slouch in front of my glowing monitor. A quick search of “standing desks” made it obvi that the monetary plunge was going to be steep… unless I could create my own.


I wasn’t the first to come up with this Ikea hack, and there is, in fact, one out there that costs $22, but I am convinced mine is the most stylish one out there as of yet, and as a designer, things like that matter. I had some help from the guys in the office, I’ll be the first to admit my construction abilities are limited beyond Ikea’s standard pictographic instructions. So they put their heads together and helped engineer a desk that’s slightly more durable than what we’d seen elsewhere, with certainty that the shelf wouldn’t come down or split the wood due to the Ikea Lack’s hollow legs. (Thank you, Ken!) Anywho, let’s get to it:


Ikea Lack Side Table: $9.99 – $12.99 (price varies by color, I chose high gloss turquoise.)

Ekby Tony Shelf: $19.99

2 x Ekby Lerberg Bracket: $2.00 each

4 x 3.5″ Metal Screws

4 x Washers (Matching Metal Screw Width)

4 x Lock Washers (Matching Metal Screw Width)

4 x Nuts (Matching Metal Screw Width)

4 x 1/2″ Wood Screws

Power Drill


1. Assemble the LACK side table per the IKEA instructions.

2. Measure the distance between two of the legs, and mount the Lerberg brackets to the Tony shelf, centered, at the determined distance apart by drilling the 1/2″ wood screws. The short edge of the brackets is the part that attaches to the shelf; the bracket should not extend past the shelf!

3. Holding the brackets and shelf up to the LACK legs, mark holes where you’ll need to drill for the brackets. (Note: We’re going to be drilling all the way through the back of the legs, for increased stability on the shelf.)

4. Start with a thin drill bit to drill pilot holes to keep the wood from splitting. Re-drill bigger holes with a diameter just a bit smaller than your 3.5″ metal screws.

5. Place a standard washer on the screw, drill it into the first hole through the leg of the side table, followed by one lock washer and one nut. Tighten as much as possible. (See Images)

6. Repeat for 3 extra holes.


IMG_3331 copy copy

Front View

IMG_6412 copy

Back View


Mission accomplished! Make sure you’re standing on an anti-fatigue mat, or something similar, and listen to your body if it’s telling you that you need a break. Since this standing desk option isn’t adjustable, it might be a good idea to purchase a barstool height chair or drafting stool to take a seat when necessary.

PS: Everyone’s always asking me about that keyboard in the main photo; it’s not a special keyboard, just a cover that has Indesign Shortcuts on it. See where to buy one, here. They come with shortcuts for a variety of apps, even World of Warcraft if you’re feeling rather geekish.


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