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Eva Smart Shower: Design at Work

Here’s a little something you might not know about me. I was raised in a small, small town, on the central coast of California, called Cambria. Cambria, has recently made headlines in the LA Times, and unfortunately not for a great reason; the impact of the recent drought is destroying their tourism, agriculture, and economy. Everyone is looking for ways to cut back on their water consumption.

With that, I bring to you, a new development by a number of my friends, including entrepreneur Torrey Tayenaka, the founder of Forge 54 (everyone knows I’m a huge Forge fan.) Eva Smart Shower is revolutionizing water conservation by saving 50% of water usage in every home it’s installed in.

I know what you’re thinking, no one likes a low-pressure shower. But Eva is smart, and she knows that. That’s why the team has developed a unique sensor system that makes educated decisions on how to conserve water; from preventing water waste prior to reaching the desired shower temperature, to adjusting flow based on your location in the shower, and even notifying you when your shower exceeds a time limit. 20141030204715-5-Timer

But what’s technology without a smart shower app? That’s right. The application calibrates Eva to fit different shower heads and preferences, and helps you track your usage, habits, and savings. Compare usage and trends among other Eva users, and learn how you can adjust your routines to conserve even more.

Eva brings potential to save 1 trillion gallons of water in the U.S., annually.

Eva Smart Shower has been featured all over the press, from Entrepreneur magazine to ABC7 Detroit, and needs your help. Production on the patent-pending device cannot begin until the Indiegogo campaign earns $50,000. The good news is, they’re all ready to take preorders at a pre-sale price of $149; $50 off full price. You can be the first to start saving money, conserving water, and on the forefront of eco-friendly technology by sponsoring the project.



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    Torrey Tayenaka
    November 7, 2014

    Thanks for the feature Rae! So excited to see Eva Smart Shower getting out there in different spaces and exposed to different people!

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