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First World Problems: Pandora Burnout

Do you ever feel the angst of first world problems, when you feel like Pandora has ten songs on repeat, or iTunes radio’s algorithm is the worst at deciding what you want to hear? Me too. So when you’re feeling musically adventurous, it’s time to check out a gem out of the UK: Desert Island Discs. What’s humorous is this concept has 60+ years on the radio apps we currently favor, and still has a more unique concept! What is the unique idea, you ask?

Desert Island Discs is “a programme in which a well-known person is asked the question, if you were to be cast away alone on a desert island, which eight gramophone records would you choose to have with you, assuming of course, that you had a gramophone and an inexhaustible supply of needles.” What is a gramaphone, you ask? According to Wikipedia, it’s the first device for recording and replaying sound. To my young readers, a gramaphone is the oldest iPod ever in history. 

Classical music tends to be a common thing amongst chosen tracks; rightly so, one could easily tire of (or even resort to suicide) from Taylor Swift on repeat on a desert island, no? So if you’re wondering, the following are the top tracks chosen of all time… quick, go set up your Spotify playlist, now!

1. Beethoven – Symphony No 9 in D minor ‘Choral’
2. Rachmaninoff – Piano Concerto No 2 in C minor
3. Schubert – String Quintet in C major
4. Beethoven Symphony No 6 in F Major ‘Pastoral’
5. Elgar – Pomp & Circumstance March no 1 in D Major ‘Land of Hope and Glory’
5. Beethoven – Piano Concerto No 5 in E Flat Major ‘Emperor’
7. Elgar – Enigma Variations Nimrod
8. Beethoven – Symphony No 7 in A major

The website beholds a full archive of every playlist ever selected. I’ll be honest, it’s out of the UK and the “well-known” persons in the archives are hardly well-known to me… besides Simon Cowell I felt a little lost. Shame on me! But the fact of the matter is, I don’t really care who curated the lists; to someone, somewhere, these are the top 8 tracks of all time, and I’m interested to hear them all. Especially when I’m trying to get my creative juices flowing, and America’s Top 40 won’t do the trick. Which is why, this website, is #8 in my series, 31 Days of Creative Inspiration.

PS: The awesome photo used on this post is part of our DS Library: royalty-free photography collection. Thank you, Jolly Voyager!

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