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Frends Taylor Vs. Caeden Linnea No. 10

Frends Vs. Caeden: Rose Gold Headphones

I have a slight obsession with rose gold. In fact, one of my coworkers thinks it should be called “Rae Gold.” So, needless to say the moment I saw Frends Taylor and Layla headphones in rose gold, I felt they were a need. (I’ve been told that I have a hard time differentiating between “want” and “need.”) 

I like fashion, and Beats, among other over-ear headphones are so masculine, taking my office-chic look to not-so-chic. But I needed the big guys, the studio is loud, and overcrowded, with impromptu meetings and shenanigans non-stop. I literally bought them willing to choose form over function; I knew the sound quality was not the highest rated, but if they could block out the chaos and look good, I was in. 

Frends Taylor Headphones

So after much research, I bought Frends Taylor headphones. I bought them at Nordstrom, for two reasons: 1. I didn’t have to wait for them to be shipped and I’m the instant gratification type, and 2. I knew the they were an investment, and if they didn’t work out, I could trust Nordstrom would make the return easy for me.

I got lots of compliments on them! The girls in the office thought they were so cute, and the guys thought they were “sick.” The sound was fine; but I am no connoisseur when it comes to audio quality. I started using them for probably 5-6 hours a day immediately, for podcasts, Youtube videos, and of course, music

It didn’t take long to realize they were brutally uncomfortable. The band over the top of my head had minimal padding and put a pressure point top and center that caused a pretty relentless headache. I kept using them for weeks. I thought I could get used to them, and I didn’t have an alternative. But some days, I couldn’t handle it and reverted to my Apple earbuds.

Caeden Linea No. 10 Headphones

Well, some of you may know, I read ProductHunt every day. And one of the products featured mid-migraine was the Caeden Sona activity tracker bracelet. (We’ll further discuss this later.) But, while browsing Caeden’s website I saw their Linea No. 10’s, which not only also came in white and rose gold, but were wireless. I didn’t even skip a beat and ordered a pair. They’re the same price point as the Frends were and I had nothing to lose. 

Actually, I did have something to lose. Less than a week later, they had a Black Friday Special and offered $50 off which TOTALLY bummed me out. 

I haven’t had good experience with wireless headphones. They cut out, make awful screeching noises, don’t hold a charge, and randomly shut off causing Allie X to blast for all my office to hear. But I’d give them a shot anyway, and use the audio cable if necessary.

They arrived within a week and a half. I’m not sure I love the design as much as the Taylors, but immediately I noticed they weighed much less which was going to help the headache situation. The ear pieces are about a half inch smaller than the Taylors, I’d consider them “on-ear” instead of “over-ear.” I put them on, and they were way more comfortable. 

Once they were fully charged, they were super easy to pair with my Macbook Pro. They have 3 buttons for volume, phone call answering, turning on/off, mute, etc. They don’t totally block out the noise around me as well as the Taylors, but the sound quality is fine, and probably if I were willing to listen to them louder, I wouldn’t hear much. 

I’m about a week in using them pretty much full-time while I’m working, and I have zero complaints. The wireless connectivity is the best I’ve experienced in headphones (I’ve only tested about 3 pairs.)  I set them to re-charge each evening when I go home and that’s more than sufficient for the next work day. Coworkers and I even tested to see if I went out of range if the audio would blast on my computer, and it didn’t. And, as I look at them in the reflection of my dark Photoshop artboard right now, the design is actually growing on me. Last but not least, since they’re wireless, the white cord isn’t getting all dirty like on my Apple Earbuds and Taylors. 

Who wins? 

Conclusion? I prefer the Linnea No. 10s. Already returned the Taylors, hassle-free thanks to Nordstrom. If you’re deciding between the two, feel free to test both, but I would definitely tell a friend to go with Lineas over Taylors. Sorry, Frends. I really wanted to love you, but the pain was too much! If they get a redesign, reducing weight and adding padding to the over-head portion, I’ll give them a try again, without a doubt. 


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    Dean Horsfield
    March 8, 2016

    This is an excellent review and a common theme that we see from our customers as well. The Taylor always win on design, but the Caeden always win on comfort and sound. If you ever want to test out some other designs be sure to let us know 🙂 Our 365 day return policy makes it super easy.

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