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We’ve considered some of the most common commercial fonts out there, although that’s undoubtedly subjective, and explored the closest Google Web Font alternatives, arranged them into an infographic-esque quick reference guide and posted it here, for designers’ use. Reach out to us if you’d like a high-res print ready version for your office or cube!





The font alternatives we’ve explored are:

1. Helvetica: Sans Source Pro

2. Century Gothic: Questrial

3. Calibri: Droid Sans

4. Garamond: Merriweather

5. Avenir Next Rounded: Nunito

6. Frutiger: Istok Web

7. Adobe Caslon Pro: Lusitana

8. Futura Condensed: Oswald

9. Rockwell: Arvo

10. Impact: Anton

Though admittedly not all identical, these were the closest we could find. Any more identical suggestions? We’re all ears, of course.

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