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Inside the Mind of David Airey

David Airey, best-selling author, brand identity designer and blogger out of Ireland, is one of those names I cross paths with frequently in my exploration of the industry and a.m. reads. With a continuous flow of 1,000,000 page views between Logo Design Love,, and Identity Designed (PS: 1,000,000 page views is my lifelong dream if anyone would like to contribute to it,) each have become integral resources for designers.

Side note: All three of those websites deserve spots in my 31 days of creative inspiration but I wanted to pretend I was unbiased so I used his singular interview to feature all three… meaning, you better check out each one, because they have individualistic value and none is better than their counterparts.

In addition to being kind enough to answer my questions, he opened the floodgates to his readers last month and let them “ask anything,” which you can find here if you need more Airey in your life, and who doesn’t?


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