Lets.DJ! Music is Better with Friends


I’ve been pretty MIA the last few months. Quite a bit has transpired… I got a new job, suffered a bit of heart ache, soaked up AdobeMAX, and joined forces with a team of nerdy, lovely friends to create a desktop app called Lets.DJ!

Once upon a time, we all loved the music experience that a site called Plug.DJ offered us. The idea was that you can create a “Room” online, for your friends to join where you can take turns as the DJ, share music, and chat. Plug was where our coworkers met up every day, while we were all working away on designing, UX-ing, and developing different projects for work, it was where we came together to jam. It wasn’t perfect, but we loved it. Then, with just a few weeks notice, the beloved app went down, and took our playlists and avatars with it. They made a valiant effort to earn the donations and increase paid subscriptions, but it was a bit late, and the users seemed frustrated that there was no solid alternative. 

We still wanted to listen to music together. And so, we decided to make an app for our little group to do so, even if it was bare bones and boasted function over form (the designer in me is cringing) it would get the job done. But for all the effort it would take, it seemed crazy to not take a few extra steps… ok leaps… to support a larger user base, and rebuild it for everyone that loved Plug, not just ourselves. And you know, if it was going to be released to the public, I had to make it beautiful.

Our upcoming app, Lets.DJ, has a few extra tricks up its sleeve. We want it to be all about the community listening experience. I go on Spotify when I need some chill, me-time. I’ll go on Lets.DJ when I wanna get musically rowdy with friends. You’ll be able to create a Stage for your friends to join or open it up to the public, set rules for the type of music you want DJs to play, dance when no one’s watching (just kidding, everyone will see your little avatar dance),  build your fanbase and DJ reputation, and even make a shout-out or wink at the cute girl by the bar (ok there’s no bar…not in Beta, anyway).


And so, here we are. We’re about one month out from our Beta release. We’ve kept it on the down-low, because there are other groups doing the same thing, and we’re not trying to get competitive with it. Plus, we don’t want to boast about a product until it can speak for itself. 

I haven’t been this excited about anything, in quite a long time. I hope you guys will join our Beta launch, and share with us, the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’re not building Lets.DJ for ourselves anymore, we’re building it for the music-craving jam-binging wannabe-DJ Soundcloud and Hype-machine addicts. Because music is better with friends. So let’s DJ!

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