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Mystery in Marketing

Mystery in marketing has recently become one of the most enticing methods to draw consumers to a brand. For example, everyone is looking forward to Apple’s September 9th release of the iPhone 6, and more. What is the more? Apple won’t say, of course.


The beauty in this method to advertising is that marketers can use it before they literally have a product or service ready to present to consumers. They can launch a campaign early on, building anticipation and excitement over virtually nothing. For example, on the Honda website, they have a Future Models section, and actually dedicate a slide to the Next Generation Ridgeline. This has been up for months, perhaps before any technical details were confirmed about this model.


If you’re releasing a new product, opening a new store, or launching a new website, can you start advertising now? Prior to your launch date? Nothing has to be set in stone. Go for it, start generating buzz.

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