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Taking Type Off the Page: Andrew Byrom

Andrew Byrom, an experimental type designer and professor at Cal State Long Beach knows no boundaries when it comes to letterforms. He is self-professed “obsessed” with type design, which started years ago when he made his very first type forms out of bendy straws. To hear more about his process, check out his TEDxUCLA talk, where I picked up one principle he stated briefly, which I will hold close as I move forward in my design career:

Once you come up with a system, (your project) designs itself, if the system works.

To me, this statement says so much about how critical the planning phases are in design, and how you can ease what may have been inevitable speed bumps in the process, if you develop a working system.

We had the opportunity to have a chat with Andrew, as part of our 31 days of Creative Inspiration, and were so pleased with how insightful he was. If you want to learn more about his career, purchase his book, or reach out to him personally, take a look at his website,

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