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Tutorial: Download Google Web Fonts

As a designer, I always mock up websites with the commercial fonts of my choice, but if you don’t have proper licensing, your programmer can’t use the identical fonts when they launch the site. The good news is, there are fairly close Google Web Font alternatives to our favorite commercial fonts, and a less commonly known fact is you can download them to use in your mock ups, so your client can see exactly how they’ll look on their website. No last minute switch, no frustrated programmer, and a happy designer.

Here’s how.

1. Navigate your way to the Google Font you’d like to use, and click the top right link: “Open <Name of Font> in Google Fonts”

DownloadGoogleFont12. Once you see the screen below, there’s a very tiny, obvious, but easy-to-overlook Download icon on the bottom right. It’s the little downward pointing arrow. Click it!GoogleFont2


3. The following pop-up will appear. Click the blue ‘.zip file’ link, and that’s it, the entire font family will download for use in the Adobe Creative Suite or other applications of your choice!



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