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UI Fail: Don’t Mislead Me!

Let me start by saying, I LOVE the website Product Hunt. I enjoy browsing curated lists and always find the most awesome apps and gadgets to fill my impulsive needs. So the following is in no way a criticism of the site itself, just perhaps an evaluation of how I was sadly mislead in my effort to find coffee. Do not mess with a designer’s coffee. At this point you’re wondering where I’m going with this.

Let’s play a game. What is wrong with the following photo?

Coffee LoversBesides the fact that there’s a crazy array of fabulous coffee photos that look so much more delicious than this diner-esque cup of burnt black two-day old shot. What else?

Let me lead you, but first I will share my account. So my husband sent me this email begrudgingly because he hates coffee, but knows that I cherish it with my entire heart and that’s just the little passive aggressive charm that I love about him. I received it early, like, open your eyes, vision still blurry, delete delete delete junk mail first thing in the morning early. Ah. But there was his name so it would have to be good. And it was; a curated list of products for coffee lovers. All I read was, “For Coffee Lovers” and my blurry eyes told my little finger to push the orange button.

Because that’s what the fundamentals of UI tell us. Determine how a user will interact with a web page, or in this instance, an email. Lead them to – not only what you want them to click – but what they will inevitably want to click. Simple enough, right?

BUT. My blurry eyes failed me. Because I pushed the button they directed me to, and coffee was nowhere to be found. Scroll scroll read. Read scroll scroll. No coffee. Sad. Close window. Go back to email. READ.

My inclination was click the big button in the section I want to read more of, but upon further analysis the giant orange button said… More Featured Collections. NO! That’s not what I wanted! Where is the button for COFFEE! (You would think at this point I really thought I was going to get coffee out of pushing a button.)

So where was I supposed to click? The giant header image. Should have known. I mean I’m not opposed to that being a link as well, it just wasn’t my first reaction. And that’s what UI is all about. Determine, upfront, your viewer’s reaction and cater to it. Give them what they want. Tell them what you want. Don’t force them to make choices, show them the right choice.

By now I’ve subscribed to Product Hunt’s email feed just to see if they’re repeat offenders in the art of misrepresentation. One might say I’m being overly dramatic. But when it comes to anything conversion related I just repeat my mantra, WWPD… ‘What Would Peep Do?’ He would not have mislead my blurry eyes away from coffee. He would have given me what I wanted. It’s simple. Let’s all learn from it, K?



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